Betting in Horse Racing

Horse racing has gone a long way from the ancient Roman times with the chariot races until today as we see it in various horse racing tracks. It cannot be denied that the game is often closely associated with gambling. Following results is also an inportant part of horse racing betting. Fortunately there are many websites following events and not just the recent ones but you can find archive results as well. e.g. on the page here is the 1978 triple crown race results.

In many places, betting on horses is considered illegal (horse racing is not illegal in France, horse racing france). On the other hand, there are many horse races that have a station where the gamblers put their bets on a horse. Where betting on horses is not illegal, gamblers’ bets are pooled together and are divided among the winners after necessary deductions are made. This is called a “parimutuel betting,” which is also used in relatively short events where participants win in a ranked order such as the races. In the U.K., an alternative feature to betting in horse racing is provided by bookmakers, an organisation or individual who will take the bets in horse racing events at agreed-upon odds.

There are generally two types of betting in horse racing: “Bet to Win” and “Each Way.” In Bet to Win, you bet on the horse you think will win the race. If it does not win, you lose your bet. On the contrary, in an Each Way bet, you are bet at Winner Sports site on a horse to land in any of the top places, usually between the first place and the third place, depending on the number of horses that are racing. An Each Way bet actually forms two bets. Three-fourths of the bet is placed on the horse to win the race while one-fourth is placed on the horse to come in any of the top ranks. Your Each Way bet is lost when your horse does not come in any of the top places of the race. For your winnings, they are calculated based on the odds of the event and are paid out together with your original bet.

There are even more variety of horse racing bets and combinations. To place your bets in horse racing, approach your local bookmarkers right now. There are also available bookmarkers operating through the Internet for your convenience. Betfred is recommended bookmaker, read a Betfred reviews.